Human Capital Management in today's competitive world is viewed as one of the crucial element of growth for any organization. The fact has been recognised that in order to achieve distinctive competencies, a highly skilled force of employee’s, sound organizational culture, management processes and control are desirable to achieve sustainability and growth.

We work with the clients in order to offer best HR approach as per their business environment and need. This is the most challenging part to create a work environment in which people can work efficiently and produce effective results.

We at MAVEN plan and implement best Human Resource practice to have goal congruence with the organisation’s objective. Following are the area, we covered under broad HR spectrum.

Organizational design and structuring
1. Develop and set organizational goals
2. SWOT Analysis
3. Organizational review and documentation organizational charts
4. Change management- restructuring and reorganization

Develop and manage HR planning policy and strategy
1. HR system design and implementation (complete process)
2. HR Audit
3. HR policies and procedures manual
4. Job analysis (Job descriptions / Job specifications)
5. Competency modelling and framework
6. Performance management system / Performance appraisal
7. Job evaluation
8. Resource planning

Executive search and selection

1. Talent search
2. Selection and induction
Training and development