The term business transformation is used in broader context aims to make organisation’s more sustainable and competitive within their own business environment. As always, change is resisted, and that is the barrier to growth.

An innovative, practical and growth oriented solutions overcome all the barriers and start a chain reaction of bringing new ideas on board. Business transformation helps stakeholders to align the strategy and objectives to their business operations through identifying opportunities and capabilities gaps through defining solutions and supporting the implementation of these changes across the business.

Different tools are been used to identify gaps and recommends best solutions by helping organisations to implement them and bring a long lasting positive change by wining hearts and minds of all stakeholders.

MAVEN offers an extensive service in helping clients to analyse their internal work environment, identify operational and financial gaps which is affecting desired outcome and provide them a set of recommendations to make their process more robust and cost effective. We work along with our clients by providing different services aims to make their operations effective and efficient.

1- Business operational control and processes.
2- Policies
3- Standard operating procedure (SOP)
4- Financial controls
5- Documentations
* Memorandum of Understanding * Non-Disclosure Agreement * Service Level Agreements (SLA) * Staff handbook * Operational manuals * Accounting process manuals * Delegation and authority guide * Commercial handbook