Businesses around the world measure their success or failure by using financial performance tool. A good insight on the financial activity in any organisation is the driving force behind the ability to foresee future opportunities.

Financial and management accounting is an important tool for a business, serving different purposes. It represent financial health of an organisation to its stakeholders, through providing outcome for a specific period of time in past enabling their audience to see how the organisation has performed. Whereas, management accounting used by senior managers and executives to make day-to-day operational decisions of a business based on current and future trends which helps in steering organisational voyage in the right direction.

MAVEN financial and accounting services are designed to provide clients a structured platform to provide insight into the business activities through application of technical tool and adhering with statutory compliance. We take care of clients business needs and provide real-time information with analysis for better decision making.

1- General Ledger accounting and bookkeeping
2- Working Capital management planning and control * Accounts receivable (debtors management/recoveries) * Accounts payable (procurement/suppliers payment cycle) * Treasury management
3- Fixed assets and Inventory control
4- Budget and forecast
5- Operational and financial analysis
* Budgetary control * Cost/expenditure analysis (cost drivers) * Revenue analysis (in terms of qualitative and quantitative point of view)
6- Management reporting
7- Project planning and management
8- Pricing